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Thermal Pallet Cover

Polar thermal pallet cover suitable for the carrying of Pharma products and edibles.

High quality and robust pallet cover that has stood the test of time lasting many years in demanding environments.
Effective protection against temperature spikes and fluctuations whilst on airport aprons or dock yards. Various sizes to suit.

Product Code: PPC01
Pallet Base: PPCB01
Storage capacity: 1056 ltrs approx.
Weight fully loaded: N/A
Weight empty: 10 kgs
External surface material: Cotton coated PVC
Internal lining material: Cotton coated PVC
Insulation material: Patented Polartherm material
Insulation thickness: 45mm
External dimensions: width: 1200mm height: 1000mm depth: 1000mm
Internal dimensions: width: 1150mm height: 950mm depth: 950mm
Lid type and fixings: Velcro
Number of icepacks required: None
Other information: Available with reinforced thermal pallet to provide sealed unit.
Cold life without opening: Using a container of water/product, equivalent to 5% of the internal volume of the insulated cover. Then subjecting it to an ambient temperature 20-25°C warmer than the product, the results show that the rate of temperature increase was on average less than 0.7°C per hour.
Thermal Conductance (W/m².K): 1.01 ± 0.1
Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K): 0.05 ± 0.005

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