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Now you can save money using our warehousing, storage and handling services in Constantza port !

Why ?
Why to pay round trip for the trucks with containers ?
Just use our handling gangs and we'll make you a cheaper tariff loading your valuable cargo in direct transboard into conventional trucks.
Do you need to keep your cargo safe in a warehouse ? We can do this for you.
Why to pay custom's dues and VAT for all your cargo ? Just clear small parcels you can sell on spot.
Just let us work for you and you'll save at least 15% from what you pay now.
And don't worry, our customs broker will assist smoothly and your presence in Constantza will not be necessary anymore.
Looking forward to see you in our customer's portfolio !

It's so simple ! We care about you !

our standards

We are true to our word.
We provide the best experience in the industry for customers and carriers.
We put culture, process, and innovation ahead of cost in order to get the job done every time, without fail and without compromise.
We are successful because of our “No Excuses” mentality.
When we say we are going to do something, we do it. No Excuses.

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