DTS Logistic Services is a shipping agency located in Romania, specializing in international and domestic transportation and integrated logistics. Since 2007, we have been activating on the global market securing a diverse professional network of clients and partners with whom we concluded long-term collaborations. At DTS, the client comes first and we do our best to provide excellent services in all the areas we cover.

As your reliable partner, we dispatch all over the world by handling all types of transportation requirements. Nothing is impossible! From air to sea, road and rail, we cover every sector, using integrated logistics and multi-modal transportation as tools to provide end-to-end personalized services. DTS’ broad range of services and gratuitous consultation would ultimately lead you to find patterns to effectively lower costs by using a sound financial footage, strong partnerships and logistics solutions. Our ‘all hands on board’ approach aims to make our customers feel comfortable and confident to say: “I trust leaving my business with DTS!”. Find more about our Past. Present. Future


We acknowledge the world’s dynamism and its tendency to a steadily-uprising development. For instance, the maritime industry faced critical changes generated by the novel digital practices in place to facilitate the process whilst securing confidential data. These changes transferred down to the supply chain of logistics to maximize efficiency and security. When it comes to our customers, we always think one step ahead, providing the most innovative solutions which combine novel technologic developments and eco-friendly practices. We value the environment and we make sure our internal practices are consistent with the existing ecologic trends and regulations. In terms of operations, DTS always supports green energy and renewable resources!

We limit our contribution to maintain a green planet to the extent where there are no viable alternatives to the traditional fuel emissions. However, we minimize fuel consumption and carbon emissions by choosing the fastest and most ecologic route either by sea, road, rail or air. Our main priority is to maintain a balance between the dynamism of the transport industry and the current environmental matters, by thinking smart, eco and efficiently. We aim towards a circular economy with a significant reduction of waste and instead use an efficient use of energy. We are in continuous search of practices that support environmental sustainability.


At DTS we believe in unity! Our teams work independently and yet together to provide our customers with the most convenient solution to their inquiries. We are working with a dynamic and work-effective team in a motivational environment. Staying open-minded is our top priority and that is the reason why we continuously seek feedback and suggestions from our clients and partners. We always seek for perfection and we let everyday challenges contribute to our work improvement. Handling our customers’ inquiries with full transparency and professionalism stays as our core values. We periodically check and evaluate our clients’ needs and satisfaction with our services in order to keep providing qualitative and reliable services. We also strive to optimize our work based upon feedback and expectations.  You are invited to leave your feedback with us via the ‘feedback’ section.










DTS offers the responsiveness and can-do attitude of a small company with the resources and stability of a very large organization. Our team delivers a continuum of services that enable customer to efficiently transport material shipments of every size and type across the world. Our non asset-based business model enables shippers to enjoy extraordinarily responsive service to just about any transportation need.


Our team would always analyze your inquiry in detail, aiming to provide you with the most reliable and innovative solutions. We will do our best to work within your time constrains and business requirements, in order to successfully fulfil your needs. Every shipment is monitored at all times until it reaches its final destination! We dedicate our time to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the services we provide!


We strongly believe that having a team of best-in-class personnel who is qualified accordingly for each department would ultimately contribute to the overall well-being of the company. Professional qualifications are a MUST for anyone that wants to become part of our team. At DTS, each department is properly equipped with highly trained employees, professionals in their field, who would use their expertise to provide our clients with the best services.

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The Romanian infrastructure is under a continuous development to new highways, roads and links to more key destinations that serve both for economic and touristic purposes. There are existing routes that link the Gate Constanta Port in The Black Sea to the European Union up to Rotterdam and Hamburg. These routes are readily available to be transversed by road, rail or the Danube River.

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Small enough to provide qualitative services, large enough to meet your needs, we offer a personalized service, with the right combination of cost and transit time to accommodate our clients objectives.

Using every available type of transport, DTS Logistic Services provides delivery solutions with utmost care for each particular shipment. All goods entrusted to us are constantly traveling under our direct control. We have handled door-to-door delivery for a variety of different industry sectors, our customers are always kept well informed about the results of each shipment. Our individual handling of each shipment means that we never fail — we actively monitor each and every shipment to ensure impeccable delivery, according to the client’s timeline and requirements.
We do it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year- we never close!

”Dedicated, attentive staff provides assistance throughout the process”

“The staff helped us unload on time, although there were many obstacles.”

”Always helpful”