We guide our customers towards taking a proactive approach to managing transportation risks. Ensuring that your cargo has an insurance coverage is the smartest way to avoid loss and penalties. When it comes to shipping and logistics, insurance plays a crucial role to ensure that in the unforeseen event of accidents, unseaworthiness, water ingress, fire and many more, you would still be able to recover monetary damages from you insurer. Even though we do our utmost best to provide you with the safest handling of your cargo, accidents are sometimes inevitable and out of our hands. This is why we highly recommend you to conclude an insurance cover against risks, perils and unforeseeable mishaps. The more valuable your cargo is, the better it is to insure it. Another advantage of insurance is the avoidance of subsequent claims and penalties. In the unlikely event of loss or damage, you would be entitled to recover straight from the insurer. Once reimbursed, it will be the insurer’s business to go after the shipowner, carrier and so on. You can choose to provide us with your insurance cover or you can allow us to insure it for you, via a third-party insurance company.

Likewise, we are able to provide TT CLUB insurance coverage, please contact us for more information.