We are proud to announce that DTS has been appointed the exclusive agents in Romania by the Dutch company DEN HARTOGH. Since April 2014, we provided agency services for one of the pioneers of intermodal logistics for the bulk liquid chemicals and gas industry. We have dedicated business units for our global operations that serve the needs of leading manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors and traders around the world. Our ambition is to be a significant global player in our specialized market.

Den Hartogh is a Dutch carrier that specializes in ISO Tank transportation. We understand our clients’ requirements when it comes to safety. For that reason, our principal’s Tankers meet the ISO requirements to transport DG or non-DG liquids, in a format that allows to be used from ship-to-rail-to-truck without having to unload and reload. This is the most efficient way. For more information, consult or contact our agency.


“Intermodal transport optimally combines various modes of global tank container transport. Our team, which is well-distributed across the globe, understands your international challenge and speaks the local logistics language. Supported by our state-of-art transport management system, the experienced team is ready to carry out your transport orders. The transport fleet is strategically positioned across the global chemical regions and consists of 6,000 dry bulk containers and  23,000 tank containers for your liquid and gas chemicals. With this large operating network and our economies of scale, Den Hartogh is ready to solve any logistics challenge.”