We are pleased to announce that DTS is currently the agent and local representative for some of the most well-known Carriers and global corporations. Amongst our clients, we can mention Turkon Line, for whom we have been providing exclusive agency services for several years.

Turkon Line is one of the fastest carriers connecting the Black Sea to the United States. Its weekly service through the Port of Constanta towards New York, Savannah and Norfolk minimize the transit time up to 30 days. For more details, please access or contact our agency.

“We process the details with the meticulousness of a diamond master, like a craftsman… We carry your loads with care and confidence, and we have been working non-stop for 25 years with the responsibility of your trust.

Turkon Container Transport and Shipping Inc. (Turkon Line) was founded in 1997 by members of the Kalkavan family. Turkon Line, which was established to transport containers to the USA, has a very important place in world maritime trade and has become the first Turkish company to provide direct service to USA by providing the shortest transit time in its sector.


Turkon Line provides service with its country headquarters and offices located in New York, Norfolk and Savannah in the USA, Hamburg in Germany, Antwerpen in Belgium and Felixstowe in the UK, Istanbul, İzmir, Mersin, Bursa, Ankara in Turkey.

In addition, it continues its activities in various parts of the world by serving 38 ports in 4 continents with 37 agency offices in 19 countries.

Turkon Line, which actively provides container transportation services in the American, European, Mediterranean and Black Sea markets, is one of the leading brands in its sector. USA, Egypt, Israel, Spain, Germany, Lebanon, England, Benelux, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Ukraine, Romania, regular service, deliver the products they carry from Turkey to the East Coast of America, providing the shortest transit time in the industry. Georgia, Morocco, Portugal, Italy and France are among the countries it serves. While mostly chemicals, white goods, electronic goods, tobacco, paper, textile and carpet sectors are involved in export shipments, sectors such as automotive, cotton, paper and chemicals are involved in import shipments. Turkon Line vessels, with their direct and Line is among the market leaders in the Eastern Mediterranean, the East Coast of America and Turkey which are the markets it focuses on.”