• DTS Staff

    Staff at all levels of the company work together cooperatively in a spirit of trust built on honest communication, fairness, and an equitable distribution of rewards.
    • Healthy competition and clear communication are valued and supported in DTS
    • Staff members do not seek to gain advantage over each other by devious means such as uttering falsehoods and indulging in malicious gossip.
    • Staff members respect the property of DTS and of their colleagues.
    • Managers ensure that all staff members are trained appropriately for their jobs and that health and safety standards are given priority in the workplace.

  • DTS Customers

    • DTS managers and staff do all within their ower to meet the needs of customers and exceed their expectations.
    • DTS managers and staff deal honestly with customers.
    • DTS managers and staff will commit no crime at the behest of customers.
    • DTS managers and staff seek to create long-term, face-to-face relationships with customers whenever possible.

  • DTS Suppliers

    DTS values and supports suppliers who re-use to use bribery or corrupt practices to in our business.
    DTS managers are vigorously opposed to DTS staff members in positions of responibility taking bribes or receiving other infor-al inducements in return for giving business to a DTS supplier. DTS values long term relationships with suppliers.

  • DTS Environment

    DTS is committed over the long term to creating a more sustainable environent through the development of effective recycling and waste management policies and practices.